The SEPeers Network Changing Lives, Organizations, and the World


The SEPeers is an exclusive Senior Executive Peers Network that has been born out of the SEP Alumni Scholarship Foundation where we, the former Stanford Executive Program Alumni, got together to bring social leaders  to be part of our experience in future generations of the Executive Program and as individuals from around the globe together, seamlessly get connected. 

From networking opportunities, to social and cultural events, to service to intellectual enrichment, the SEPeers offer a wide range of online and offline opportunities to help develop and strengthen our alumni network. We want to connect with thousands of alumni across the world to share local programing ,digital communication, and a variety of Events to you.

SEPeers is a private, exclusive, global and peer-to-peer networking platform for Stanford Executive Program graduates. Alumni led, we started SEPeers Network because, as part of the Foundation, we realized we've bee doing this networking over the past six years in an offline way, and in a COVID era, we had missed the direct interaction with each other discussing our real-world business problems and solutions. SEPeers is a cross-generation virtual place for us to connect and collaborate, harnessing the power of the collective knowledge, we all embrace while being in campus.

Those who have a completed the Stanford Executive Program are eligible to join

 SEPeers Members join us because...

  • We are linking everyone in all of our generations to be more connected
  • Open the door to the integration of Social Leaders  and founders of NGOS to the future Program Generations
  • Contribute to the community we’re building online and in real life.
  • Find inspiration from people like you. 
  • Share stories, experiences and unique ideas. 
  • Make better decisions around the things that are most important to you.
  • Get answers to the things you can’t just Google.



SEPeers is  an exclusive Senior Executive Peers Network only for alumni that completed the Stanford Executive Program 


Step 1:

Enter your personal data:

  • Your Last Name
  • Your SEP alumni Cohort year 
  • Your SEP alumni email address

Step 2: 

Click "Continue." 

This will cause an email to be sent to the primary email address SEP has on file for you.

Step 3: 

Enter your Login ID + password 

Instead of requiring you to choose a username, SEPeers allows you to use the email address as your login name. Simply choose your password and you are all set. 

SEP Alumni Scholarship

The SEP Alumni Scholarship is global nonprofit initiative to harness the energy, expertise and relationships forged by the Stanford Executive Program (SEP).